A Politically Incorrect History of Hong Kong


Three ridiculous versions of Hong Kong history, answering such questions as:

  • Did Britain take over the wrong place?
  • What did all those Chinese refugees curse first when they got there?
  • And where can I get one of those cool Handover t-shirts?

Find out in these action-packed, politically incorrect stories of:

PASSION: A sweltering romance between a hot-headed damsel and a goofball sailor, while his shipmates peddle dope and colonize the wrong island.

BRUTALITY: He outsmarted Japanese invaders and communist rebels, but a potty-mouthed new immigrant meets his match on the old Star Ferry.

T-SHIRTS: The true story of an accidental avatar of the end of an era. And why the artist didn’t get rich from it.

What reviewers say...

“Larry Feign's Hong Kong cartoons are a work of love. The characters are lovable and quirky, and I've learned more history from these than in most high school classes.”

Amazon reviewer

“Love his humour and with this one I actually learnt a bit of Hong Kong history!”

Amazon reviewer

“Larry Feign is a brilliant cartoonist who deserves global recognition.”

Amazon reviewer